Experience effortless payments with the best IVR Payment System in India

With NTT DATA Payments, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and let your customers process payments safely through credit and debit cards, and UPI over phone!

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NTT DATA Payments IVR- Your perfect partner for ticketing and Subscription payments!

NTT DATA Payments brings you the best IVR Payment in India that is secure, reliable, and convenient. Accept payments easily via a call through Debit & Credit Cards 24X7 while eliminating customer care executive's participation in the process of undergoing a transaction and making it possible to carry out payments seamlessly over the phone by disposing off the fear of revealing crucial credit or debit card details. So, let your customers book your airline tickets, movie tickets, tours, subscriptions and a lot more with the best IVR Payment Gateway in India.


An IVR Payment System that's right for your business

Personalized Inbound & Outbound Call Flow

Now configure the call flow based on your requirements with a comprehensive IVR system

Round the clock availability

Experience customer service like never before with quality assistance available at every hour of the day and every day of the year!

Payment through any card

Give your customers an option to pay with any Debit or Credit Card!

Customized IVR Reports

Make online transactions and pay offline at any bank branch across India, saving time & money.


Be a call away from your customers through
Inbound calling services

Inbound calling is the process where your customer initiates a call, intending to reach out to you. An inbound call flow system dehumanizes the process of calling-answering. It allows you to carry out complex transactions like accepting outstanding bill payments easily!

This mode connects the customer willing to pay via a credit card to a call center agent, who then dials out to NTT DATA Payments’ IVR. Upon entering the unique number/policy no/transaction id/booking id generated from the CRM, the customer is taken on a conference call with the IVR.

To complete the transaction, the customer enters their credit card number and an OTP. The customer is then notified after authentication and authorization.

This mode connects the customer willing to pay via a credit card to a call center agent, who then dials out to NTT DATA Payments' IVR. Then, the required details like Transaction id, amount, mobile no, etc., will be entered manually by the agent. Post that, the customer is taken on a conference call with the IVR.

To complete the transaction, the customer enters all the required details for the transaction manually like Transaction id, amount, mobile no etc. The customer is then prompted to enter his credit card details, including the OTP. The customer is then notified after authentication and authorization.

Under this mode, the customer can automatically connect on the number provided by you or the DID numbers shared by NTT DATA Payments.

Under this mode, too, customers can automatically connect on the number provided by you. Once the customer gets connected to the IVR, the IVR prompts the customer to enter details (customer id, order id, product code, policy no, transaction reference no etc.) followed by the amount.
An outbound IVR Call flow will allow you to initiate a call process towards your customer to acknowledge payments or remind them of outstanding payments. These calls are placed over a brilliant automated system that can monitor if the calls were answered or not.
NTT DATA Payments' outbound IVR Call flow allows you to make payment through two modes

NTT DATA Payments’ seamless IVR flow

The IVR or Interactive Voice Response offers an easy way to provide debit and credit card details with DTMF and accept payments on the phone, without a computer or an internet connection. If the payment gateway doesn’t store the credit card details, the details must be entered using DTMF while processing the transaction. Most IVR Payment getaways utilize an outbound dialler to process the transaction.

Once your customer finishes a purchase, NTT DATA Payments’ IVR processes an outbound call to their registered mobile number and prompts them to confirm their purchase. To complete the transaction, the customer will require to enter their PIN.

Shift to our IVR Payment Solution to deliver delightful customer experiences


Save time and money by implementing NTT DATA Payments IVR and accept payments from your customers over a secured platform.

Real-Time Transaction & Reconciliation Tool

Now manage all the transactions happening on the IVR Platform on a real-time basis.

Risk Management & Security

Experience safe and secure transactions where all the card details given during transactions are encrypted to ensure complete data protection.

The Best Customer Service

Enjoy direct, definite, time-efficient and thorough customer service with NTT DATA Payments IVR System.

Seamlessly Integrate IVR with your business

Add the best IVR Payment Gateway in India with your business to ensure easy access with your customers. With IVR, customers can make secure payments anytime through their phones. It offers security and convenience like nothing else. This is possible with the PCI-Compliant IVR Payment Solutions that leverage the latest security features.

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Frequently Asked

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone system application that prompts callers with recorded messages and options and processes voice input and/or touch-phone keypad selections from these menus. The IVR script responds to this input by providing appropriate information in the form of a voice answer or providing a connection to a "live" operator.

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